Bathroom Remodeling

Completely custom luxury bathrooms.

Premium Bathrooms

Make it much more than a bathroom with Makswell Construction. Elegance and serenity along with functionality are the cornerstone of how we create modern bathrooms for everyday use.

Completely Custom

You'll work with our design team to select every detail of your next bathroom. Color schemes, finishes, flooring, and more.

Quality Materials

We only work with high quality products that endure through wear, maintain their appearance, and remain functional for years.

Ergonomic Design

There's nothing better than a bathroom that functions as good as it looks. Our team will ensure we achieve the most efficient layout.

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Ensuring Safety and Health

Green Materials

We try to use as many certified green materials as possible, and ensure that only non-toxics are used everywhere.

Maximum Dust Removal

Throughout the entire process we remove all dust from the environment caused by the renovation.

Safe for Kids and Pets

We're mindful of children and pets. We make sure that debris, tools, and other hazards are out of their reach while using other safe demolition methods.

Remodeling Process

01. Consult

We'll meet with you to discuss your budget, remodeling needs and preferences, and prepare a quote. We'll guide you through the whole process ensuring you get an affordable and amazing bathroom renovation.

02. Design

Our designers and architects will work with you to design your ultimate bathroom. We'll guide you through color schemes, material selection, layout preferences, and everything else.

03. Build

After careful tear-down and maximum dust removal, we'll then begin creating your vision into reality, letting you focus on your job while we focus on ours. We work through non-intrusive methods, and leave the place looking as if we were never there.

For pricing and more information, please contact us.